This is why SEO matters to your business's success. Now, it's time to face the stone-cold facts. 

OK, before we go any further, look at those four statistics again. Those four facts alone should be enough to make anyone (or any business) give a long hard look at how well optimized their SEO is on their site. 

Still not sure? Let's play this out. 

Let's say 100 different people search keywords that directly relate to your business's products or services. We will say 15% of those people do in fact click on a well-crafted Google Ad. That leaves us with 85 potential customers, and according to studies 34% of those are clicking on position 1, that's 29 people (28.9 really, but we are rounding up) and 42% are clicking on positions 2 through 5, that's another 36 people. That only leaves 20 of the original 85 left for positions 6-10 and beyond. 

Showing up in the SERP results and showing up high is critical. 

For those of you who are visual here is a nifty table created by Sixtrix to help out: 

OK, back to the facts. 

That last fact listed is why so many businesses don't give the proper time and attention to their SEO. Ranking a page and ranking it well is hard work. But with the right plan, techniques, and execution it is possible. 

Understanding where your low hanging fruits lie, what type of content needs to be produced, what keyword opportunities exist, and what to do after you hit "publish" is crucial to improving your organic rankings and hereinafter your traffic, sales, and revenue.  

This is exactly what VC Strategic can provide you. A tried and true method for improving your sites organic viability. There are no shortcuts or magic wands to wave, just fundamental techniques and perseverance. 

Increasing your organic relevance is a time-consuming but worthwhile task, and not having the proper time or knowledge base to perform the necessary steps is a real challenge for many businesses. If improving your organic SEO is something you are considering, click here to book a free consultation today and we will create a custom SEO roadmap to help you and your business achieve your goals.