VC Strategic partners with businesses to execute a calculated & thorough process increasing revenue & profits. Whether you work with our marketing company, consulting business, or partnering as a capital partner (or all three) VC Strategic has a different approach to ‘bidness’.


VCS is built on a promise that is thicker than blood: Your success is our success.  We fight for your bottom line, with results being our motivation.  As it should be, we are a company is only rewarded when you get results 100% incentive drive - with no contracts.  Only "perform or get fired!"  Only winner, getting you results, no strings attached."


Digital marketing, content creation, video and static ads, SEO, SEM, website design, you name it and VC Strategic excels. Our full-service marketing team has an expert in every area you need to improve your business. Stop using the same marketing tactics that worked a year ago, push your business into the future, and stand-out in a sea of competitors.


With a history of growing businesses in new and innovative ways, our master consulting team knows the business advice you need.  Learn from our experts who have experience growing a five-figure business into an eight-figure business in six months.


Starting as a Venture Capital firm, we know talent when we see it.  Investing in your company and your growth, we start every strategy with "What would I do if I owned this business?"  Then, implement the plan like a BOSS (a mob boss).  We don't just play to grow, we play to dominate.


As the culmination of a lifetime of business experience, VCS is built on the principle of you “learning from our past mistakes.” We have seen it all, and as a result, can lead you away from business traps. Our solid foundation of decades of combined experience, leadership with a passion for innovation, and a Rolodex of ideas waiting for you.


We pride ourselves on old-school values with new-school ideas. With honesty, trust, transparency, and accountability at our core; you can trust us. There are three factors we know you need in a marketing mafia: integrity, trust, and results. We know we can deliver, which makes it easy for us to be 100% contract-free.


With the push to go digital, Vince took the same company that brought him success with SeaQuest and decided to help other entrepreneurs.  A re-brand and a few expert hires later and VCS was born.  We know business and we DO BIDNESS.
The adviser to the leader of the “family”; the person who is always consulted before decisions are made
The idea that we should treat one another like brothers
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