Are your videos toyotas
or lamborghinis?
Turning videos from clunker to class.
We will shoot you (well, video will shoot you).
How's your bounce rate? Are your customers bored? Video is the key. It is time to stop using out of date marketing tactics! If you want success, you need innovation and proven techniques that actually work. The world of marketing is changing, and our attention spans are getting shorter. You have 8 seconds to capture a customer. Using video to enhance your marketing and brand voice is strongly underutilized; get ahead of the game and position your brand for success.

Social Media
Within seconds of a video on social media, you can reach, capture, and expand your audience. Use videos in your social media strategy to maintain a customer's attention, but short enough to leave them wanting more!
YouTube has a growing audience and the power to convert a non-consumer into loyal customers. Are you advertising or creating original content for this platform?
Paid Ads
The right PPC strategy can drastically increase your sales, but the average conversion rate for a static ad is under 4%. Adding video content to your ad can increase your conversion rates by more than 80%.
Your website is the first view customers get of your brand or service offerings, make sure your first impression is one to remember. Adding video to your website or as a web page background will increase page time and brand awareness.
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