Arguably the most essential and influential style of advertising is PPC or Pay-Per-Click.  PPC uses digital real estate to show potential customers ads based on what they enter into their search engine or social media.  Google and Facebook are the largest and most notable platforms, which combined, control over 90% of all internet traffic.  Google Search, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram make up the most extensive traffic sources available to advertisers in 2020.  Advertisers can measure views, interaction rates, impressions and the location of the ad on specific webpages.  With the growing ad behavior measurements, PPC is the more than just ad performance.  This is why VC Strategic refers to online advertising as "Paid-Ads" a more appropriate term for the advertising style we engage in.


Your brand should speak to you, it should tell clients who you are and what you stand for. It is vital that your brand stands on its own and apart from competitors. Proper branding can create brand preference and improve recognition. Your brand should be instantly recognizable, and our expert team can help you achieve this. Our branding experts have years of experience creating a visibly recognizable brand that will encourage customers to think of your company and support your advertising. Creating trust through a strong brand story and voice can inspire not only future customers but also your employee morale. Let us help you generate new customers through a brand refresh that speaks to your business.


Your website speaks volumes about your brand, it is an indicator of your product or service that consumers take seriously. As a brand, you want to make sure that your site is representing your products or services accurately and in the best light. Your website should go beyond just drawing attention. To build true brand affinity, a website should attract, engage, and raise awareness of your product or service. We have extensive experience in all aspects of web design and development to help our clients meet their full potential. Let our team help your site to make an outstanding first impression with speed and accessibility.


It is time to stop using out of date marketing tactics! If you want success, you need innovation and proven techniques that actually work. The world of marketing is changing, and our attention spans are getting shorter. You have 8 seconds to capture a customer. Using video to enhance your marketing and brand voice is strongly underutilized, get ahead of the game and position your brand for success. Increase your website and ad conversions by more than 80% with expert video by a team of professionals. The future of marketing is video, get ahead of the game.


Thinking about giving it a shot yourself and just need a bit of guidance? Meet with one of our consultants to grow your business in new and innovative ways. Learn from our experts who have experience growing a five-figure business into an eight-figure business in six months. From tax planning to daily operations management, we know you don’t have time for everything. This is why VC Strategic’s team has business development consultants to help strategize and run your  business. Learn business best practices, the importance of standard operating procedures, and how to position your brand for success.


Social Media is ever-changing and growing, how can you be expected to be up-to-date on each new trend? Fahgettaboudit, we have you covered. An effective social media strategy and presence will grow your business, build, and maintain an engaged community. Our adaptable strategies will allow you to create personal bonds and brand 
preference for your followers. We develop, manage, and maintain organic content to activate your viewers. Our goal is not just likes or hearts, but instead impactful conversations and enduring connections.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) optimizes your digital marketing to create a visible and effective search presence of your brand. With the right SEO strategy, VCS can help your brand increase sales, profitability, and cost-efficiency. VCS offers an SEO strategy specifically tailored to your location and provides current and cutting-edge marketing strategies that include: Organic Search, On-Page SEO, Link Building, Keyword Research and Strategy, and Recommendations.


SEO is a tricky beast to understand and is entirely based on your website content.  The right content strategy will improve your search rankings and decrease your customer acquisition cost, which makes finding the right strategy imperative.  With a background of intensive keyword research, you can create a content strategy for relevant and lucrative searches and widen your customer base.  Your ideal content strategy should be relevant, current and to the point.  At VC Strategic, we can create and manage content that is relevant to your business.


High quality and professional photography is an absolute must for any business. The right photography can help future customers identify you from competitors, increase your site traffic, and sell your product or service benefits. This is instrumental for your website, social media, and advertising campaigns. Are your product or service photos supporting your brand? Our expert team of photographers creates product and service images that truly represent businesses and their core values.