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About Vince

CEO Vince Covino created VC Strategic to help business owners leverage marketing solutions and venture capital opportunities for long-term success.

“I believe that teaching business owners the same strategies and tactics that made me successful will help any business owner dominate in their field,” Covino said. “I have personally founded and partnered in dozens of successful businesses.”

In 2016, Covino founded SeaQuest. Today, SeaQuest is one of the fastest-growing aquariums in the world. The company has 10 locations, with millions of visitors annually, over 25,000 animals, and 450 employees.

Covino also co-founded Blue IQ in 2013 and created an exit strategy for its investors in 2021. The software 
as a service (SaaS) was designed to help business owners automate, measure, and enhance employee performance.

In 2002, Covino founded Legacy Wealth, growing assets to over $165 million in 36 states by 2009. In 2010, he sold Legacy Wealth and co-authored the book “Principles, Practice, Promises: A Workbook for Creating Balance and Progress in Life.”

Previously, Covino served as a member of the Prudential Financial Masters Council, Capital Research All-American Team, Monarch Society-Planco, and LPL Chairman’s Council.

Covino lives in Boise, Idaho, with his wife. They have six children.

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