9 Keys to Marketing Success

The right marketing strategy can make or break your business. Marketing is all about finding your ideal customer and presenting your business to them in the right light. You want your potential customer to know why they need you and how you can make their lives easier. Finding the keys to marketing success will lead you to profitability.

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Key 1: Speed

The first key to success seems obvious: a fast and responsive website. Having a website allows you to not only market your business but also establishes credibility. When potential customers search for your brand, they should see your website. When they visit this website, they expect it to load in under two seconds. Having issues with bounce rates and speed can deter customers from your business and cause you to lose out on major opportunities.

Key 2: Website Optimization

Speed is only the first hurdle that your website has to overcome, but speed isn’t the only contributing factor to bounce rates. For optimum results, you should make sure that your site is optimized for conversions. Try asking yourself the following questions:

Key 3: Data Tracking

In day to day life, we use KPIs (key performance indicators) to measure ourselves. If you are a fitness buff, it can be as simple as tracking your caloric intake! KPIs are monumental for your business success and should be implemented in every facet of your company. From your financials to your website heat map, all of your business action items should produce data and give you actionable insights. Using these benchmarks can highlight where you are improving and where your business needs improvement. As important as data is, your tracking systems should be installed correctly. You wouldn’t believe how many business owners pay thousands for tracking software only to not know how to use it! 

Key 4: Reviews

What others say about you and your business can either inhibit or expand profitability. Word of mouth is important and this includes your online reputation. For example, 60% of customers will refer friends to a brand that provided a positive experience. What happens if this online reputation is mostly negative? Studies have shown that up to 80% of consumers will think twice about doing business with a brand that has negative online reviews. By curating five-star reviews, both from your excellence in service and with the right marketing tactics, you can improve your search rankings and online reputation. 

Key five: Content 

SEO is a tricky beast to understand and is entirely based on your website content. The right content strategy will improve your search rankings and decrease your customer acquisition cost, which makes finding the right strategy imperative. With a background of intensive keyword research you can create a content strategy for relevant and lucrative searches and widen your customer base. Your ideal content strategy should be relevant, current, and to the point. 

Key 6: PPC

Organic rankings and search results can only take your business so far. To increase your exposure to future customers, you need to create a PPC strategy that meets your business goals. By creating a productive and profitable PPC strategy, you will increase your revenue stream while heightening your brand awareness. 

Key 7: Social Media

A newer secret to marketing strategies, social media marketing is an important step in a cohesive and inclusive business plan. With more than three billion people on social media, this is an opportunity to reach future customers. This strategy can deter customers from choosing your brand, or it can create a long and meaningful customer relationship. This tricky balancing act requires testing and constant effort, but it could be a hack to profitability. 

Key 8 (Almost there!): Video Content

With the growing rate of shortening attention spans, the impact of video is vital to business success. Including video on your website, as well as social media sites, can massively impact conversion rates. Almost 50% of customers look for videos on a product or service before even going to make a purchase decision. Not only do videos affect conversion rates, but can also improve your search rankings. A website with a video is 53 more likely to reach the front page of Google search results. Professional and relevant video content is key in your comprehensive marketing strategy. 

Key 9: Strategize 

The final key, the last door to enter before profitability, is the most important of them all. For business profitability and success, you need to have a strategy that grows your company. Stagnant is a dirty word in business and you want to avoid it at all costs. This strategy and mindset for growth will create action items out of your goals. Infusing growth strategies in all arms of your business allows you to measure and track your success. 

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