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What is SWOT?

A SWOT analysis is a current snapshot of your company’s position in the market and organizationally. Made up of strengths, opportunities, weaknesses, and threats; this analysis will show your organization’s vulnerabilities and allow you to plan for growth.

Why do I need SWOT?

Only 25% of businesses succeed, want to know how to avoid the trap?
When you strategize for your business’s success, it is paramount to assess your company’s current position before you continue. By diagnosing what is working well and what is not, you can develop a strategic plan for your business’s future. The best way to do this is through the use of a SWOT analysis.
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What are the Benefits?

Improve Your Business Focus

A SWOT analysis will identify what you should be working towards with your next strategic plan.

Organizational Allignment

Make sure your team is working towards the same goals and building strategies to propel the business forward.

Identify Hidden Issues

Uncover hidden strengths, threats, and opportunities through the process of creating a SWOT analysis.

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