Managing several marketing relationships can get frustrating, fast. A lot of businesses will hire different companies to manage PPC advertising, SEO, video, social media, website development, and content creation. Meanwhile, others will turn to a full-service marketing agency.

Telling your value proposition, repeating your ROI demands, and communicating your brand over and over again is as exhaustive as it is inefficient. Meanwhile, hiring a full-service marketing agency AKA "one-stop-shop" can be daunting. Can they balance everything; can they lead the charge; do they have the expertise in each area? It’s hard to know what to look for in regards to what services should be provided, what you’d like them to handle, and how to integrate them into your current marketing team or plans.  Hiring an agency that employs professionals with comprehensive expertise across all marketing vehicles is critical to maximizing marketing ROI, time, and energy which business owners consistently invest in growth and marketing efforts. Getting this partnership right is one of the highest ROI growth decisions you will ever make and will ensure that your agency can successfully handle all of your marketing, advertising, branding, and other promotional needs as they arise. 

What should a scope look like for a full-service marketing agency?

Full-service marketing agencies have the ability to handle your marketing needs from top to bottom. As an agency learns about your company they can tailor services and packages specifically designed to meet your business goals, maximize your budget, and grow your brand. Many of the common services included with full-service agencies are:

Hiring a full-service marketing agency helps businesses build strategies that will drive maximum ROI on their marketing investment.

How do I vet a full-service marketing agency?

There are many reasons to hire a full-service marketing agency that you should consider when deciding how to market your business. Here are three things to consider when making the decision to hire a marketing agency. 

  1. Cost-Effectiveness: Hiring in-house can be very expensive when you take into account the overhead of salary, training, tools, and equipment that will be necessary. Agencies like VC Strategic offer developed professional strategies and experienced marketers to implement them. The right agency will analyze your business and tailor its services to fit your budget, needs, and goals.  
  2. Expertise: Many times a full-service marketing agency will have a team of employees who are not only experts at paid advertising, content writing, SEO, and graphic design, but they will also have years of experience working inside and outside your particular niche. Allowing them to draw on that knowledge to help build specific strategies to help you achieve your business goals. 
  3. Cohesiveness: Hiring multiple agencies for different aspects of your business has been a strategy employed heavily in the past. Hiring specific firms to tackle specific tasks. The obvious downside to this is that it can end up fracturing your message and leaving your campaign inconsistent. Not to mention the communication lag that accompanies outsourcing to multiple agencies. When you hire a full-service marketing agency, you can be assured that not only will your message stay consistent, but you won’t have the frustrating experience of trying to organize and communicate separate pieces of your strategy across multiple companies. Remember the game “telephone” as a kid? It’s like that - but much more expensive.

How do I Know What Agency is Best For Me? 

The first, and most important, step to finding a suitable full-service marketing agency for your business is to acknowledge your goals and objectives. Picking a full-service marketing team is a crucial decision in the future of your company. A few things to consider when you are making a decision about hiring an agency: