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What is Pro Forma? As a business owner, you should be looking at your projected profits or your “business runway,” as we call it! A great way to do this for a business plan or forecast is to create a pro forma statement— a financial report of your business based on future projections of profits. These statements will look like regular statements, but are based on potential trends your business will face.
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What Would You Use a Pro Forma For?
A pro forma statement will help you plan the future of your business. Use these statements to anticipate changes that will affect your business, strategic tax planning for when you enter new tax brackets, considering likely scenarios for the seasonality of finances, or show lenders/investors how you would use their money to grow your business. Forecasting properly actually MAKES you money.
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Most companies have their financial advisor or accountant create pro forma statements for them, but we have an easier way for you!
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