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What is Pro Forma?

A pro forma will help you plan and see the financial future of your business in real time. Anticipate changes that will affect your business, strategic tax planning for when you enter new tax brackets, consider likely scenarios for the seasonality of finances, or show lenders/investors how you would use their money to grow your business. You will be able to illustrate ROI for investors, or your bank in an articulate and compelling format. Calculated forecasting unlocks the door to vertical trending profits!

How To Use The Pro Forma Tool

Clarity of future profits begins with accurate projections of current assumptions. Understanding your “financial runway” empowers business owners to create real time financial strategies informed by assessing data. With our simple, free template, you can model your own financial forecast. This generates a financial snapshot of your future projections. Simply plug in your costs, revenue, financial variables, and other assumptions, then revise as the data becomes more clear and predictable. This data informs virtually all strategic decisions.
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