Paid Advertising -
The Strength is in the strategy
Wondering where the heck you are on Google? Use Paid Ads to Showcase Your Brand & Instantly Appear Above Search Results
VC Strategic handles individual clients whose budgets range from $1,000 to more than $100,000 per month. No matter what your budget or goals are we can handle your pay-per-click.
Why do you need Paid Ads?
Knock Knock. Who's there? No one because you’re below the top five Google listings!
Immediate Results: By advertising on search platforms and social media outlets, you have a direct pulse on people who are already looking for your services.

PPC Traffic ACTUALLY Converts: Since site visitors are actively looking for your product or service, they are more likely to convert, increasing your piggy bank.

PPC is Measurable: You can look at a PPC campaign at any point and find out if it is working for you and increasing your sales.

Fight Back: Your competitors are already using PPC to grow and steal potential customers from you, so what are you waiting for? 

FAQ - The Fine Print
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So, what is PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertising and how can it help you NOW?
PPC: Uses digital real estate to show potential customers ads based on what they enter into their search engine or view on their social media. Google and Facebook are the largest and most notable platforms, which combined control over 90% of all internet traffic.

Google Ads: Using targeted keyword sets VC Strategic will set up advertising campaigns designed to target potential customers when they are searching keywords specific to your products or services. Imagine being able to put your website in front of the exact audience you want anytime they search your desired keywords. That is what our experts will do for you on Google.

Social Media: According to PEW Research nearly seven-in-ten American adults have a Facebook account and nearly three-quarters of them are on the platform at least once per day. By strategically crafting Social Media Campaigns your business will be able to present ads directly to exact demographics you choose. Our paid ad experts have experience in nearly every platform you can name. Your competitors are using paid ads and stealing YOUR customers, it is time to fight back.
Where’s the best place to hide? 
Page 2 of Google.
Make your ads pay for themselves. 500-1500% ROI happens every day in our PPC universe. More filet mignon, less ramen!
  • This company goes the extra mile and takes a personal approach to make sure that your company is reaching its maximum potential. The staff here truly cares and it shows up in every aspect. I highly recommend talking to them to see what they can do for YOU!


  • Vince and his team have made an awesome new video for our firm! We were impressed by the professionalism and quality of the video and are excited about what other ideas they have for us going forward. Vince brings an incredible passion that is contagious!


  • Vince, Emily, and the team are focused and effective. They are always looking to add value to the process and remain on point to keep processes moving forward.


  • This team has done a great job of helping us with our marketing and web development strategy. They've been wonderful at making sure we are keeping up with our tasks and they've delivered on their timelines as they've planned for us.


  • From the moment we were exposed to VC Strategic they have been so responsive and professional. They immediately had conference and zoom calls with us to discuss our goals and objectives. The entire staff has been a pleasure to work with!!


  • Fantastic customer service! Great responsiveness as well.
    Highly recommend!


  • VC Strategic has been a game-changer for our business. Our marketing efforts have never been more timely, accurate, or effective.


  • VC Strategic is awesome! Their staff is friendly and their attention to detail consistently produces quality marketing materials.


  • A fantastic group of people who produce top quality content!


  • Such a FANTASTIC team! They are very professional, and produce great quality content.


  • Very impressed with Emily and the entire creative team at VC Strategic. Emily, I can’t thank you enough for understanding my vision and big asks and coming through for us on such a tight timeline. Your professionalism and team surpassed my expectations.


  • Tremendous job on Cole's part. He is a very knowledgeable, professional and responsive guy. It's very easy to work with him. I highly recommend the services of VC Strategic.


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