Even amazing sales and marketing needs to be supported by incredible operations to deliver results for current customers. VCS helps businesses ensure your business has a truly holistic approach with our Consulting Services.

Would I benefit from working with the VCS Consulting Services Team?

These questions will help you understand the gaps in your business strategy:

Operations Management: The foundation of a profitable business


How often do you receive operating statements? What key data is tracked to measure individual and team productivity?


Is there a developed percentage based budget? If so, how are the results tracked? Do administrative systems and procedures meet current requirements? If not, what are the ramifications of non-compliance?


How is overhead accounted for? What methodology is used to track and measure the implications of adding overhead costs to cash flow requirements and profitability?


Are there established quantifiable productivity standards? How are productivity based performance standards measured?


How do you ensure your current software is the best suited, priced, and most efficient for your specific office functionality?

Labor Cost

How do you determine how much to pay staff? How do you determine when to offer raises and bonuses?

Business Financial Management: A practice that works for you

Proactive Tax Planning

Is your CPA evaluating proactive measures to lower taxes? Are your business strategies integrated with your tax planning and CPA strategies?

Cash Flow Management

Are there systems to track accounts receivable, payables, runway, and a pro forma, revised regularly?

Rent/Lease/Own Negotiations

Do you have opportunities to lower cost of equipment, real estate, or other obligations to increase cash flow and/or lower debt?

Sales and Marketing: Building a Revenue Generating Machine!

Fee Schedule

Have you studied elasticity, competitor pricing, raising or lowering fees/pricing based on trends, margins, and competition? Do you have a PPC budget? Are you optimizing your SEO and web conversions to decrease your marketing fees?


How is your practice perceived? Is your reputation being branded and enhanced?


Is your Web presence consistent with your marketing objectives? Are you utilizing (SEO) search engine optimization? How do you measure web success?

Sales and Marketing

Are you getting a reasonable return on your advertising and promotion investments? How do you quantify this return?

Multiple Income Streams

Are ancillary programs being utilized to enhance customer value & retention, and gross revenue? Is your staff trained to help promote these programs?

Staff Development & HR: Creating an effective and motivated team

Organization Engineering

Do all employees have a clear understanding of their role in the success of your business? Do you have an effective program to create a positive and healthy quality of life for you and your employees?

Team Building

Do you have a strong team? Do you know how to empower your employees? Are you making your staff your biggest fans?

Employee Retention

Are you able to keep key staff? Are you developing career paths for your employees that are mutually beneficial?

Human Resources

Are there procedures in place to hire based upon EQ, IQ, personality match, and other statistically proven methods for finding the right team member? Is there a clear and defined system for dealing with difficult staff members? Are terminations creating potential liabilities?

Reflection and Vision

How are you understanding your financial paradigm? Are you learning from the history of your business and personal experiences?

Core Consulting

Are you uncovering personal root weaknesses and optimizing your strengths? Are you a victim of casual financial mistakes?

Personal Financial Affairs: Creating and protecting your financial independence

asset Protection

Are you effectively and efficiently protecting your assets and business from lawsuits, creditors, judgements?

Financial Independence Planning

Do you have full control of the financial life of your business? Do you have a strategic financial plan?

Estate/Legacy Planning

Is your legacy something you are proud of? Do you have all of your will, trust, and other estate documents up to date? Have your documents been thoroughly vetted and checked?

Succession Planning/Business Valuation Analysis

Do you know the value of your practice? Do your heirs?

We Consult, You Decide

We analyze how your business is performing in relation to prior years and how it is performing relative to your competitors, both in your geographic area and nationally. You will see your business and personal financial life as you have never seen it before. From this new perspective, you will be able to clearly understand the obstacles standing in the way of achieving the maximum potential of your practice, as well as your own personal potential in life. VCS will walk with you every step of the way to implement changes and develop strategies customized to reach your business and personal goals.

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