Case Studies

SeaQuest, the fastest growing zoo aquarium attraction in the world, leverages VC Strategic's marketing and advertising services for continuously scaling growth, making it an industry leader.
We GREW conversions from 20 to over 1,900 per quarter.
We had a 349% return on Google Ads™ spend.

SeaQuest: From Startup to Worldwide Success

• Over 20,000 5 star reviews in 12 months during COVID
• Over 15 million visitors in 13 states.
• Over 20x return on marketing investment, monthly
• 12 million monthly organic impressions on social media
• Tripled organic traffic and domain authority through SEO
• Launched dynamic video content across all channels
• Led SeaQuest from start-up to a world-wide authority

PAy-Per-CLick Case Studies

About the company:
Symmetry Health Center of Oakland, California, wanted to increase paid traffic to their website in an effort to increase new client registrations.
We TRIPLED conversions per quarter from 20 to between 60-80.
We REDUCED COST/CONVERSION from over $100 to under $60.
We DOUBLED conversion rate from 2% to 5%.
We DOMINATED their market share by focusing in on specific top-performing keywords. They currently have 70% ownership.
About the company:
Once a startup, The Purse Ladies have grown into a largescale clothing resaler based in Boca Raton, Florida, with sales all over the United States.
We had a 400% conversion growth from 25 per quarter to over 100.
We had over a 700% return on ad spend.

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